23 Mar 2017

Bloodthirster / Skarbrand WIP #2

 Hi- thanks for dropping by!

Up today is an update on my WIP Bloodthirster and Skarbrand that I posted a few weeks ago.

I'm making steady progress with the two- I' looking at one final level of extreme highlights for the skin to pick up the muscle definition, and then to detail the feet and ankles. The bases needs a final dry brush to highlight also.

 Skarbrand's face has had a lot of attention to pick out the detail. I'm still need get the eyes and horns done, I think for the damaged horns I'm going to finish them with a black edge- again trying to show that the horn has necosis,  like I've done with the wings. The good, 'healthy' horns will be completed with a lighter edge as a contrast.
Thanks for looking!

20 Mar 2017

Necron Ghost Ark - or "How I learned to hate line highlighting..."

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping in. Here is the latest and most colourful addition to the Necron Dynasty. A decent transport choice for the Necron Warriors, with repair boosts and durable Quantum Shielding.
The Gauss Flayer Arrays can independently fire broadsides at different enemy units, so this transport is good for driving up in between enemy units and hitting two from the sides, not forgetting Gauss can glance vehicles to death!
I love the look of this vehicle, unique to the Necrons and really cool looking, but the sub-title says it all - oh my, I thought drop pods were bad enough, but this takes the crown - each rib had to be line highlighted, there is no 'inside' to this vehicle, everything including the occupants is on show!
I painted this in sub assemblies, the ribs separately, the Command Throne, the console, the driver, the passengers, the largest crescent and the engine intakes with (now partially obscured) fine gold detailing ankh... but the line highlighting took forever. Some ofthe largest bits were drybrushed but the inner details and ribs were all patiently highlighted.
That said, it gave me a great sense of achievement and satisfaction when finally constructed and finished. I think it looks pretty darn awesome, would I paint another one - I'll wait to see how it performs on the battlefield. But I'm sure I will grab a Doomsday Barge eventually, so more ribs to do in the future. That said not for now, this is a definite one ticked off the to-do pile, its been a long time waiting in undercoated sub-assemblies, feels good to complete it.
Here is a close up of the crew and passengers, and the repair scarabs busy repairing the damaged/wounded exo-skeletons of the embarked Warriors.
And the driver, come Lord overseer whose depleted ranks are getting repaired and back into the fight!
Finally, a scenic shot, thanks for reading this far! Cheers, Siph.

17 Mar 2017

#MonsterMarch - Facehugger Week 2

Into week 2 now of #MonsterMarch and all is going well so far... You can check out other peoples updates on the Swordmaster of Hoeth blog.

Last week I managed to get the facehugger model all built, filled and prepped for painting. Normally in the past the painting steps I have gone through this week would have been done in an hour or two - but a) I'm still not back into my rhythm yet and b)painting something of this scale is pretty tricky - it takes about an hour to do one complete pass of the model - and then there are difficulties like trying to hold the thing. Also - soooooooooo much paint is being used (which isn't cheap when it's all GW stuff...)!

So I started out by giving the model an undercard in Zandri Dust - I have a paint recipe for fleshtones using 'sand' colours, so this was an ideal start.

Next up was a base coat in Tallarn Sand.

At this stage I got a bit confused and forgot my paint recipe - I know all the individual colours, but can't remember the order of some washes/coats - so from here on out we'll see how it turns out...

Gave the facehugger a coat of Reikland Fleshshade and wow - the detail immediately popped and the model started coming into its own.

After the initial wash, the entire model got overbrushed with Tallarn Sand again and that is as far as I've got. Looking pretty good so far though - don't you think?

Next up is another wash and then a few drybrushes and most of the flesh will be finished.

15 Mar 2017

Roboute Guilliman - Primarch of the Ultramarines

Hi one and all,

Quick post, I've started work on my two Roboute Guilliman models, one the new GW plastic, Lord Commander version, the other the  Forge World 30k model. I think it'll be a good process to do the two models simultaneously and compare the two versions.
 The FW version (Thanks 6th)
 The two sprues for the plastic version with the new 'armour of fate'.
There is part of me that likes the idea of converting the two sets, I like the look of the FW pose, maybe with the new backpack and sword, however I'm going to stick with the 2 models as they are.

Hopefully we'll get some good weather so I can start spraying the Reaver titan for next weeks post...

14 Mar 2017

Necron Destroyers #7 #8 and #9 - Destroyer Cult Finished

So, after a disastrous battle where a Skyhammer annihilated all my AP3 weaponry, (got to hate Drop Pods of Grav Devastators backed up with podding Grav Centurions... hmmm...Skyhammer should at least account for some of the Drop Pod Assault number Pods!) I thought it was about time to up my Destroyer numbers for a nice bonus when I can field a Destroyer Cult.
For these final three Destroyers I wanted a slightly different look to the other six, so I tried a half tone scheme with big transfers on the plain metallic side too. I think it looks great.
I followed the usual reddish gauss energy colours and the new Fulgurite Copper on the capacitor coils.
These finish off the numbers needed for the Destroyer Cult, three squads of three plus the Destroyer Lord. The Cult gains the benefits from the formation (re-roll failed to wound rolls and failed armor penetrations rolls in the shooting phase), combined with re-rolls of 1's to hit because of Preferred Enemy Everything! The only restriction is three units of three Destroyers, one Lord and 0-1 Units of Heavy Destroyers.
So, the Destroyer Cult has now been completed except for the optional Heavy Destroyers using the converted Heavy Gauss Cannons I made. More Immortals, Tomb Blades for the Reclamation Legion bonuses and some eventual dirty Canoptek Wraiths to keep expanding the Necron force. Cheers, Siph.

12 Mar 2017

#MonsterMarch - Week 1

Week one of #MonsterMarch - check out the Swordmaster of Hoeth blog for all the community updates.

Ok - a bit of background about this model - I got it from a Thai seller on eBay a while ago - I've always wanted a life-sized Facehugger and they are only about £20 - so thought it was taking a punt on.

The quality is hit and miss - I definitely wouldn't advise for a novice builder; the model is made out of vinyl and is hollow, so can be easily heated to reposition it and trimmed, but being hollow means that joins can be an absolutely nightmare to fill if there are gaps (and there are gaps!). The sculpt is pretty good, plenty of detail where you would want it and but obviously not GW standards here. I can imagine lots of these get bought, put together badly, sprayed once and then get binned - but with some TLC, I think they could look pretty good.

Typically - I jumped straight into assembly, meaning I had no unassembled pics - so I will share this one from the seller:
As you can see - the body is in two parts, with eight complete fingers, separate nails and the tail is split into four (understandable - the tail is about 3 feet long...).

Issue one...everything is very straight...not very organic or posed.

The body went together first, a hairdryer was required to heat the parts to get everything meeting and even then, there was a good 5mm gap in places that had to be filled, so out came the greenstuff. Luckily, most of it was around flat areas that I could smooth in, with only a little sculpting required around the 'mouth'.
The tail went together fine, but I left that off until the end.

I attached all of the fingers and nails as they were, before heating the knuckles and bending them. I wanted the Facehugger to look like it was about to pounce, so played with each finger one at a time until I was happy.
Finally, I attached the tail in one piece before heating it and bending to give it a bit of life. I hardly had it kinking round, but even the positioning I gave it was pretty tricky - the vinyl is pretty thick and being hollow, wanted to 'fold' more than 'bend'.
The other good thing with the model is that I should be able to gently heat it once painted and reposition it if I'm not quite happy. Saying that, by the end, I managed to get the model into a pose I was happy with - I have a super secret place I will be placing this once finished - so tested the poses on a few bits of furniture and it doesn't look half bad.

Next update - painting begins!

9 Mar 2017

Daemons WIP Bloodthirster and Skarbrand

Hi Everybody.

Thank you for swinging by our blog!

The titan progress has slowed a little, I'm looking for a good day to start adding paint to the body. Excited!

However I thought I'd share my other WIP (of which there are many... LH), a couple of Bloodthirsters. I've built one as the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage, which is the the flying D weapon one. I really like the overall look of the Bloodthirster with the double handed axe. I've gone f true Khorne colours, with the skin a Blood red colour, with black flesh as the wings (picture below with Skarbrand). The armour plating is a combination of silver and gold.
The double handed axe is looking far too clean. This will be getting a few 'blood for the blood god' layers on it for good measure. (Picture Below with Skarbrand's)

The second Bloodthirster is Skarbrand, I've always like the back story with Skarbrand, and had looked to convert him, however the moment the model came out I had to have one!
I'm still in two minds whether to add the chest plate and guards onto the model, either way looks right, I plan to review once all sub parts are painted and then see which looks correct in my eyes..
Again the axes need more blood on them!
Below are the pairs wings, Skarbrand I've opted to go for red skin up to the joint, and then a combination of black with brown- the back story is that his wings were destroyed, and he isn't a flyer- thus his wings wouldn't ever be used- so I went for a necrosed look, rather than a healthy looking red tone- like the rest of him.
Interestingly enough Skarbrand looks good added to the body of the normal Bloodthirster, this could make an interesting conversion maybe? the only issue would be to modify the wings to fit, and to then convert the other Bloodthirster to sit right with Skarbrand's body.
Thank for looking!

6 Mar 2017

#MonsterMarch - Week 0

Hi guys - I am aware its been a few months since I've posted (it's only a few months since November 2015 right?) (Ha Ha, few months! - Siph) - but a combination of work and getting married really didn't help getting a little burned out after the Warhound project...

To help me get back into building and painting minis, I thought I would start off with something a little...different... I also don't want to start out with something tiny and intricate, so got something pretty sizeable and fun lined up.

To help motivate me, I am taking part in #MonsterMarch; a community painting challenge set by the Swordmaster of Hoeth blog, who is tasking people to paint up a monster in March this year.

Each week there will be an update and hopefully by the end of March I will have finished the mini (maxi).

The model I am going to be painting is a full-scale Alien Facehugger that I picked up about a year ago but never got round to starting - hopefully will look something a little like this when it's done (it actually won't - I am going for a walking/pouncing pose - but who doesn't love that pic...?)
I'll be updating my progress over the rest of March - so keep your eyes peeled.

the 6th degree

4 Mar 2017

Hobby Area Lighting Improvements - Daylight LED Lamps

Hi Readers, thanks for popping in. I wanted to share this upgrade with hobbyists out there, specifically UK or Europe based as the supplier is UK based, but I've included the details of the lamps so wider area hobbyists can also do a search on the popular auction sites for the same.
The great improvement over the existing lamps I had is the fact that the light is a "daylight-like" white 6W LED, not warm yellow incandescent bulbs. I have a magnifying lamp in the centre from which I do my painting as my eyes are not getting any younger and I can now actually see those details! It also prevents eye strain. But the other great feature is that these new lamps are clamped to the desk, freeing up loads of desk space where the weighted bottoms used to have to sit. This also means they can be clamped to vertical surfaces or undersides of shelving for those hobbyists with even less desk space.
Here was my older set up, you can see the weighted bottom of the lamp on the right. Much better now. The clamps fit desk thicknesses of up to 1.5in, the height of a standard GW paint pot, the cord is about 2m long
Here's the description and UK seller ID. They are just shy of £20 GBP. Upgrade your lights, totally worth it. Search for - Modern Silver Adjustable Clamp LED Desk Lamp Light.

2 Mar 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #7 - Comparisons

Hi One and All,

Just a quick post, following comments about the size comparison of the Reaver titan. Below are a few initial pics to compare with regular 40k models:


Here is the Laser Blaster and Gatling Blaster weapons by a Razorback and marine.
The Laser Blaster by a Knight.
The Titan Power Fist by a dreadnought.
 Gatling Blaster next to a Land Raider Spartan.
 The Reaver Titan Volcano Cannon (where has that appeared from?... )  by the XL chaos black spray can.
Head and Body:
The Knight again by the legs/body to show the height of the Reaver
 The Razorback by the titan's leg.
Princeps inside the body of the Reaver.
Reaver Head by Typhon Siege Tank and the Fellblade Superheavy Tank
Princeps next to the Head of the Reaver
Finally, a bigger comparison- the Reaver head by a Head of something a little bigger... (Where did that sneak in from! - Siph)
Thanks for looking!
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